Second round of amateur competition in precision shooting

Dear friends,
we organize the 2nd round of amateur competitions in precision firing from the club pistol CZ 99.
If you miss the first round, and you have the desire to shoot with us, we will be happy to host you.
Each competitor is entitled to five tests and ten bullets to score. If the contestant is not satisfied with the result, he is entitled to ten more bullets and a better result will be recognized.
Target is at 15 meters.
The three first-placed competitors from the previous round have no right to participate in this tournament.
The registration fee is 900 dinars for 5 + 10, and for the next ten bullets (optional) an additional 600 dinars will be charged.
The competition starts on Saturday, May 14, 2016. at 11h.
In cooperation with KMG Bežanija and KMG Batajnica for the winner of this tournament, we provided a two-day training with a valid certificate and an independent parachute jump from a height of 1200 meters.
The second prize is 50 pieces of 9x19mm caliber ammunition that you can use in our shotgun.
The third prize is 50 pieces of caliber .22lr ammunition that you can also use in our shotgun.
Due to the updating of the applications, please sign up for the event and confirm the arrival of the message, no later than 13.5.2016.
We invite you to come, compete and enjoy and socialize with us.

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